Silver Restoration for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, Silver Repairs and Silver Plating performed by our Team of Silversmiths at Margolis Silver the Complete Silverware Service - London based

About us

Margolis Silver offer a unique silverware service specifically designed for
quality Hotels, Restaurants, and Institutions in Central London.

Combining over 90 years of successful trading in London with three generations of silver expertise.

Restoration and Maintenance

Margolis Silver offer the most comprehensive Silver Restoration & Maintenance Service in London.

Why buy new silverware?

You can restore your old quality pieces to ‘as good as new’ condition at a fraction of the cost! >>>

Old Silverware - Silver Shaker
Looks like new silverware - Silver Shaker now silver plated.
Chest of New Silverware

New Silverware

Margolis Silver manufacture a variety of new silverware
in their London Workshops.

These items are specifically designed for the catering industry.

We combine quality, design and durability at an affordable price.

Re-conditioned Silver

Margolis Silver purchase quality second hand silverware from hotels, restaurants, dealers and auctions from around the country.
Most of these items are no longer produced and difficult to find.

These pieces are painstakingly restored and offered once again for use in high-class establishments. >>>

Silver Beef Trolley

Antique Silver Coffee Pot - Embossed Silver Design
Antique Silver Coffee Pot - Slim Design

Antique Silver

Margolis Silver supply decorative and functional antiques.

Over 30 years experience at the highest end of the Antique Silver Market with access to unlimited fine antique silverware from a network of international dealers.

Antiques are often cheaper than quantity new hotel ware.

Bespoke Silver

Margolis Silver can design and make virtually anything in silver.

Whether creating a solid silver dinner service for an Embassy or matching some lost items, Margolis Silver is the answer.

Made to order may not cost as much as you think.

Bespoke Silver Design -  Design Drawing of a Silver  Dinner Service

The Silver Solution - Silver Care Product
The Silver Solution - Silver Care Product


Silver Care

Margolis Silver offer a silver care consultancy service.

From assisting in the design of your silver cleaning facilities to unique products for silver care and maintenance.

Our laboratory is constantly working on new compounds to make the cleaning and maintenance of silver easier