Silver Restoration for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, Silver Repairs and Silver Plating performed by our Team of Silversmiths at Margolis Silver the Complete Silverware Service - London based
Silver Restoration

Why buy new silverware?

Margolis Silver will restore your old pieces "as good as new" at a fraction of the cost!

Margolis Silver have a team of qualified antique silver craftsmen that will give the same care and attention to your silverplated items as the finest 18th and 19th century antique silver pieces they regularly restore.

Let your restaurants be a shining example!
Unsightly silverware leaves a bad impression
Dents, bruises, scratches and wear will be swept away. Damages and leaks will be repaired and a
30-micron thickness of silver will be deposited
leaving beautifully restored silverware
that will be a pleasure to use again
You will be amazed at what can be done!
Silverware that you think is no more than scrap metal can be brought back to life and into your inventory. Missing items, such as finials, handles, and spouts can be replaced from our extensive stock and
more difficult pieces can be custom made
making your pieces as good as new.
All that glitters is not necessarily good!
Restore your old silverware - it may cost you far less than you think and less than purchasing new items of inferior quality that you will ultimately regret.
Satisfaction at mutually acceptable costs!
If it's worth repairing Margolis Silver will restore it.
If the repair is not cost effective it will be returned.
Contact us for a personal quotation
to restore your silver to its former glory.