Silver Restoration for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, Silver Repairs and Silver Plating performed by our Team of Silversmiths at Margolis Silver the Complete Silverware Service - London based
Restoration & Maintenance Services

One of the most important features of Margolis Silver is their Silver Restoration and Maintenance Services. These Services are designed specifically for Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions in Central London.

Restoration Service ~ 2 weeks

Our antique silversmiths can repair any piece of Silverware EPNS - Copper - Brass - Bronze - Plated items.

This is a complete restoration service as in the Tea Pot Story.

This service takes about two weeks from collection to delivery. Obviously more complicated repairs may take longer.

All our services are fully guaranteed!

Maintenance Service ~7 days

We offer a Regular Maintenance Service for cleaning and polishing to keep your silverware looking its best at all times.

This Service takes about 7 days from collection to delivery.

This is for contract customers only and is based on a minimum annual requirement - full details will be given on request.

All regularly maintained pieces are fully guaranteed for life.

Express Service ~ 24 hours

For those important repairs we also offer an Express Service that can be undertaken within 24 hours if possible.

For a special event or a last minute problem we can repair & restore even a quantity of your silverware quickly and efficiently.

All Margolis Silver Services can be adapted to suit you.


Manufacturers are not Restorers

Silver restoration is a constant problem for hotels, restaurants and institutions. Silverware is purchased from manufactures often from Sheffield, Birmingham or internationally.

When it comes to repair the manufacturers would prefer to replace than restore. They are not usually equipped to restore items, which is a completely different process to manufacturing or operating a production line.

Silver Manufacturers are not Antique Restorers : Our Silversmith London Workshop Opposite to a Mass Production Line

When good customers insist - all items for restoration must be packed and sent, sometimes overseas to be repaired. This process usually takes months and when it eventually returns there are often discrepancies over quantities and missing items, plus the inconvenience.

Margolis Silver Restoration & Maintenance is undertaken entirely at our workshops in London where we offer a variety of excellent services including collection and delivery in the Central London area.

We are happy to discuss your specific requirements either by email or phone or personally at your premises Accurate quotations will be given before we start your restoration.