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The Teapot Story

This is the story of a Tea Pot that we recently restored.
This Tea Pot was made over 50 years ago and forms part of a complete service.

What do you do if it is seemingly damaged beyond repair?
It would be very difficult to find a replacement and unnecessarily expensive to create a new one.

At Margolis Silver Service we have the answer
We can expertly restore your Tea Pot to ‘as good as new’ condition for a fraction of the cost of a replacement!

See how we do it!

Tea Pot for Restoration
Old Silver Tea Pot

The Pot is in very poor condition
The plating is worn through to the nickel inside and out
The surface is ruined through years of cleaning in a tumble polisher
The entire body is battered, scratched, dented & abused
There are signs of old repairs and patches to prevent leaking
The spout is damaged and part is missing, the handle is loose and dented
The foot is twisted & will not stand straight, the lid is broken and bent

Old Silver Tea Pot
The Initial Process
Old Silver Tea Pot

At first the Pot is assessed and then gradually dismantled
Removal of the handle will reveal the state of the insulators
The lid is removed and the hinge is checked
The Pot is now ready for the Silversmiths

Old Silver Tea Pot
Repairing the Foot
Silversmith repairing the foot of the tea pot

At first the foot is straightened and repaired so that the Pot can stand straight
The foot can be removed for more difficult repairs
In this instance this was not necessary

Silversmith repairing the foot of the tea pot
Repairing the Spout
Silversmith repairing the spout of the tea pot

However the spout had to be removed to repair a hole, which was causing a leak
Heat is applied from a blowtorch to the spout area, which becomes red hot
The solder dissolves so that the spout can be removed from the body
This way the repair can be undertaken more easily with a permanent result

Silversmith repairing the spout of the tea pot
Repairing the Body
Silversmith repairing the body of the tea pot

The entire body has to be planished to remove all dents and bruises
The silversmith presses the silver onto a specially prepared stake
This returns the Pot to its correct shape and removes the deepest dents

Silversmith repairing the body of the tea pot
Hammering & Re-surfacing
Hammering and Re-surfacing  the Silver Tea Pot

Hand hammering is a skilled art and an important part of silversmithing
This stretches and smoothes the surface, finally removing all traces of damage
The Tea Pot is then scoured with an electric mop,
which creates a smooth surface
Then it is cleaned and prepared for the plating process

Hammering and Re-surfacing  the Silver Tea Pot
The Silver Plating Process
The Silver Plating Process

The silver-plating process is not simple and must be carried out correctly
The item to be re-plated must be chemically degreased to give
the new silver maximum adhesion. The Pot and its components
are then immersed into the silver tank and connected to the electrodes,
Every minute in the silver solution one micron of silver
is deposited onto the surface inside and out. The pieces are left
in the silver tank for at least half an hour depositing a minimum 30 microns

Silver Plated Tea Pot  in pieces
Reassembly & Finishing
Reassembly and Finishing  to a  Wonderful Shine

After plating the pieces have to be re-assembled
- hinges and insulators are replaced
Then the Pot is polished again to creates that wonderful shine
Quality control then examines every inch to make sure it is in perfect condition

Fully Restored Silver Tea Pot
Fully Restored

The Tea Pot is then returned fully restored

It carries a full guarantee against any defects in repair and plating

And can be used once again with pride!